“Sawasdee” (Hello in Thai)

Welcome and Thank You for visiting my website. My name is Kanjana Radtke was born and raised in Uttaradit, the small province up in the north of Thailand. I was inspired to venture out and explore the world at an early age and I eventually landed in Miami, Florida for the first time in 2005, ready to start a new journey in the United States.

I started working as a server and became a manager in a restaurant in North Miami. The hours were pretty long and hard. Eventually this routine began to take a physical toll on my body, so I started to look for work that would give me more time to enjoy life.

I was born and raised in the countryside, and most of my family members were farmers and hard-working. After all those long hours of work my grandparents would came home and ask me to massage them. My grandfather would always teach me how to massage the body by showing me the energy lines, which the Thai call Sen and the Chinese call Meridians. He made it very easy to understand; I had to do was press on the line that he showed me with my hands. Around the back area he would say, “Just step on my back but just do not step on my spine". Of course, as a young girl, I did not enjoy this chore of giving massage to my elders because it was not easy work for me. I wanted to be a kid and have fun!

At the age of 16 years old I experienced really bad migraine headaches and a friend introduced me to Thai Massage for the first time in my life. With every massage I received, the headaches kept improving. I felt better and better, and by the time I graduated from High School the migraine problem was nearly imperceptible. I was very curious back then, and I wanted to know why this form of massage is so effective for our bodies, so I decided to take a trip to Bangkok and visit Wat Pho (the first Thai Massage School in Bangkok). That’s where I learned Thai Massage for the first time at the age of 18 years old.

After long hours working in the restaurant in Miami, my body aches and pains from that job reminded me to begin seeking ways to relieve these uncomfortable sensations and alleviate the mental, emotional and physical stress. Remembering trips home to Thailand, my search instantly lead me to recall my Thai Massage experience in High School. As I returned to receiving Thai Massage, I personally experienced my own flexibility and energy levels improve after every session. It reminded me of Thai Massage’s knick name: “The Lazy Man’s Yoga” or “Passive Yoga”.

Thai Massage quickly became one of my favorite massage modalities. I am drawn to working with energy lines (Sen lines), the flow of energy pathways and circulation in the body. My love and belief in Thai Massage led me to become a Licensed Massage Therapist, studying at Educating Hands School of Massage Therapy. In a quest to further my education and be of greater service to humankind, I returned to Thailand to learn different styles and techniques. I specialize in Nuad Borarn - a northern style Thai massage - focusing on stretching and working energy lines using Tai Chi movements, all the while working on the body. Nuad Borarn is soft, gentle, and humble, but also dynamic and deeply connected.

For me Thai Massage is the most effective massage in my body and I hope you all will love to experience this type of massage as well